2/3 of all logo swag ends up in a Goodwill or landfill within 6 months*


It's bad for the environment. It's bad for your impressions.

It's time for a change.

Meet Eudae.


We spent 2 years and 100s of iterations developing Eudae. It wicks sweat, fights odors, doesn't get wrinkled, but it looks totally normal. So you can wear it anywhere without looking out of place.


Eudae is made out of recycled water bottles, Eucalyptus, and a little spandex to give it stretch. Each shirt pulls between 6-11 water bottles out of a landfill so you can feel good about wearing it.


Eudae is softer than your favorite cotton tee. It'll keep your employees, customers, investors, friends, enemies -- whoever you give it to -- coming back to wear it again and again. Raising your impressions.


Swag, reimagined.


"We're really happy to have sustainable swag that also feels really soft and cozy. Our employees have commented about how they love the feel of the fabric. It shows in how much I see it worn both in and out of the office."

- Vibrant Health


"Not a day goes by when at least one of our employees isn't wearing one of these shirts. The Eudae fabric is so soft and comfortable. And in addition to that we had a great sustainability story to tell investors when we gifted these shirts for the holidays."

- Draft


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