Ultimate Guide to Narrow-Band Green Light

For Headache, Sleep, and Anxiety


Let's make it simple

The narrow band of green light emitted by the Allay Lamp was discovered by migraine researchers at Harvard Medical School. It is a slim spectrum of visible light that only triggers one specific set of light-sensitive receptors in the eye.

These receptors react less strongly to light than others, sending a smaller, softer electrical signal that works to calm the brain.


People seek out narrow-band light for help with headache, light sensitivity, sleep, and anxiety can all benefit from Allay. And since it tends to be non-irritating for those whose eyes are sensitive to light, Allay allows people who would otherwise be in darkness to have the light to get back to their daily lives.

What people are saying


"Sometimes I feel like I lose days at a time to headaches. Having the opportunity to get that time back is one of the most valuable things I can think of."

Katie L., 31


"My eyes weren't teary. I wasn't irritable. I actually spent time stretching. I felt relaxed and peaceful– like a different human being."

David S., 41


How Experts Use It

Based on these studies, doctors at leading headache centers across the country have begun to use narrow-band green light in their practices.

These neurologists use Allay when interviewing people who are light-sensitive, as well as a tool to help deescalate headaches.


Meticulous Design

Arrow-band green light isn't the only thing unique about Allay.

It was created through a rigorous design process with a former NASA engineer in order to make the light as pleasing as possible.

Light diffuses evenly

The light diffuses evenly across 360 degrees.

Low glare

Allay features a matte finish that helps to dampen glare.

No flicker

Even invisible flicker can irritate the eyes, so Allay was engineered to emit a consistent, steady glow.

A regular light too

And for the times when you want a regular lamp, just flip Allay over for a soft white light.

Lab-Quality Technology in an Affordable Home Device


Precision Matters

Your phone, computer, and other devices show colors by displaying a combination of different bands of light. These combinations include blue, yellow and other wavelengths outside the narrow green spectrum that activate other receptors in your eyes, causing irritation.

The Allay Lamp only emits a pure narrow band (just 20nm!) of green light. Its light doesn't include yellow, blue or other colors like you'd see in a screen or smart bulb, making it uniquely pleasing to the eyes and brain.

Try it risk-free!

We’re here for you. Try Allay for 40 days and if you don’t love your lamp, send it back for a full refund. We’ll even pay for the return shipping.*


The Allay Lamp


Our flagship Allay Lamp is uniquely soothing to your eyes and brain, even when you’re most sensitive to light. Discovered by a Harvard Medical School neuroscientist, Allay's patented band of light is calming during a migraine - or any time - helping you get back to reading, working, and being yourself.

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