Meet Eudae - THE best Merino Wool Alternative.

Made with recycled water bottles, Eucalyptus, and spandex - not animals.


Softer than cotton not scratchy like wool.

After 2 years and thousands of iterations, we created a vegan alternative to Merino Wool that we've named: Eudae [You-Day].

Softer than cotton/wool

Eudae is softer than merino wool or cotton. Not scratchy, just buttery-soft comfort you can feel good in (and about wearing)


Designed to mimic the natural odor-fighting of Wool, but since no animals are used, anyone can wear it.


The mix of Eucalyptus pulp and recycled poly wicks sweat fights odors, and won't wrinkle


Leave livestock out of it...

The wool shearing process often leaves sheep battered and bloodied. Furthermore, it needlessly wastes water and other resources.


A Merino Wool alternative has arrived...

After two years of development, we’re proud to offer conscientious adventurers a new alternative.

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